We are specialists

Eora Sound Engineering are architects and engineers with a unique competence within film, music projects and availability adaption. We have created several of swedens biggest recording studios and control rooms.

Future and development

Within projects where architecture and technical equipment meet we are currently in development of the future of sound. Project planning for multichannel listening is a recepe for success within complex, technically advanced projects where co-ordination is key.

Experience and history

Our experience of complex, big projects are unique in Sweden. Our job is mainly to generate a complete solution and handle the projects from start to finish. We always strive for a result where architecture meet focus, function, environment and long durability.

Buller är den fjärde vanligaste orsaken till arbetsskador i Sverige idag.

Hörseln är mer kopplad till våra känslor än vad synen är. Den som vill påverka en människas känslor bör först och främst använda ljud som kommunikationskanal.

We solve acoustical problems in all environments.

Noise is the fourth most common cause of work-related injuries in Sweden today.
Our hearing is more connected to our emotions than what our vision is. Anyone who wants to influence a person's feelings should first use audio to communicate.

At Eora, we can offer you any service related to audio for all types of businesses and individuals. Mostly we work with room acoustics, building acoustics, sound vibrations, noise problem, electro acoustics, psychoacoustics and installations.

We can deliver complete audio solutions. Eora audio technology AB has planned and performed acoustic solutions for several projects, including Evert Taube Museum at Liseberg as well as special rooms for the National Police. In addition to this, we have supplied acoustic solutions for buildings which require special expertise regarding sound isolation.

We also have special expertise for noise within schools, office environments, churches, tunnels, conference rooms, shops, malls and other public facilities. Eora Sound engineering is planning, calculating, measuring and installing according STI-PA method and design voice alarms according to EN-54th. Our goal is to achieve and satisfy customer needs and wishes, for example, Music Studios, Biorum, home cinema, ISO rooms or other requests.

We work with professional companies and suppliers in terms of acoustics, building, plumbing and electricity, and can thereby provide total solutions for our customers.

If you have questions or want to hire us do not hesitate to contact us.

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