Elementstudion  Drawing and design of Elementstudion in Gothenburg  
PAMA Studios  All acoustics. Control room and Recording room "floating" construction Maxe Axelsson,, 070-936 81 00
Apparat Studios Acoustic control and installation of technology  
Czech National Symphony Orchestra
Construction and construction of a new control room. Drawings and management of craftsmen on site. Ossi Bashiri, UK: +44 7879 215 265  
Yaki-Da  New stage and acoustics  
Dead By April  New control room  
Studio PH Sweden  New control room. All acoustics  
Pustervik Acoustic control  
Debaser Acoustic solutions in both Stockholm and Malmö  
Nefertiti Jazzclub  Acoustic control  
Sonic Train Studio Acoustic solutions  
Nilento Studios All acoustics and new construction and technical installation. "Floating" construction.  070-493 07 70 
Berns Salonger Acoustic design  
Globalmusix Studio  Acoustic design of control room and installation  
Casino Cosmopol Procurement documentation and speaker system for spoken evacuation alarm  
Bohus Sound  Various acoustic regulations  
Emmanuel Stenkullen  Recording room, control room  
Studio Fredman  Construction of installation for Genelec 1037  
Gilead Kyrka  Acoustic calculations for conversion  
Studio H  New music studio with ISO room  
Jakob Karlzon  Remodeled living room in apartment building with floating construction  
Skövde Högskola Acoustic calculations for listening rooms in 5.1  
Jorma Låssbyväg  Acoustic regulation in a home environment  
Riff Recording  New control room with ISO room  
Kronhuset Acoustic calculations for conversion  
Lars Danielsson  Tia Dia Musik, private villa converted into a music studio  
Sahlgrenska Logoped  Acoustics and technical installation. New platform for recording voices, room acoustics and electroacoustics  
TMP Media Group  Planning, drawing, design and construction of studios  
Kaliberljud  Three control rooms, of which two with 5.1 and two ISO rooms  
Ferarri Showroom  Listening room and cinema room, J.Munsterhuis 5.1  
Musikhögskolan Göteborg Design of four control rooms  
Brewhouse Göteborg Studios, ISO room, basic construction with floating floor  
Stora Teatern Göteborg  All elektronik installation inklusive SSL bord tillsammans med Audio Support Scandinavia  
Studiomega Studio and control room designed and constructed from scratch  
Patrik Andre´n Musik New music studio for Patrik Andrén  
Båstad New music studio for Matt Joko  
Studio Gallskrik (Lotta Engbergs studio)  Design and construction of recording rooms and control rooms  
Legend Studion All acoustics and installation  
Riff studio All acoustics and installation  
Global Musix All acoustics and installation  
Sebastian mullaert röstånga All acoustics   
Pepes Bodega Båstad Acoustic control, for Best disco feeling  
COCO Nattclub i Båstad All acoustic control  
Fascination Street Studios Pictures of the project   
Chalmers Tekniska Högskola Sound and Acoustics Manager when Chalmers created its Multimedia training, including Control room for surround mixing, four halls for surround listening, a sound & picture room in surround, a recording room with adjustable acoustics. Anders Janocha 070-645 72 81 
Hit Hall Studios Control room and recording room. All technical installation. 5 churches in Bjärke parish. Acoustics and Technology Installation. The parish home in Sollebrunn. Acoustics and technical installations. Ulf Esborn. 073-033 13 32 
Lars Olof Janflod Strategy Advisory Officer at Genelec Oy Constructions off Control rooms and recording rooms. Powered by genelec. 070-816 66 43 
Sonictrain Studios All acoustics Anders Allhage,, 070-753 36 80
Gorilla Studios Höganäs From wheat to bread. Eora designed the house from scratch for the control room and recording room. All acoustics and technical installations. "Floating" construction. Andreas Pålsson,, 070-946 79 47
Gonky Town Studios Large music studio with surround speakers in full range and large sub bass. For film, advertising and sound production Joel Eriksson,, 076-002 49 40 
CreHate Studios Large music studio and control room with "floating" construction. Oscar Nilsson,, 070-079 69 61
Liseberg Acoustic responsible for the Evert Taube Museum Katarina
Capitol Music i Stockholm 3 new mix and control rooms Nicholas Johansson,, 073-682 71 07
Henrik Udd Recording Control Room and Recording Room Henrik Udd,, 073-657 66 39


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