Music studios

EORA Ljudteknik AB consults and designs music studios, speech studios and other types of studio environments where acoustics and sound insulation are important. The requirements in studio contexts are large and traditional products and building solutions are often not enough. Minor sound leakage and sound impact, which in normal contexts are completely irrelevant, have a decisive effect on the result in these environments. A studio should have particularly good sound insulation, low noise level, balanced sound, and good stable stereo image.

Many years of experience have taught us most things in acoustics and designing music studios. The most important rule in any studio building is always hire a reputable studio acoustician from the beginning. Even a simple studio costs a lot of money. For some time now, we have also had access to measuring room acoustics with the Room-Capture program. It provides an incredible amount of information that is necessary for the design of the room.

To date, we have designed more than 50 studios across the country. The customers are both large and small, some of our early customers are Swedish Radio, Swedish Television, several dubbing studios, advertising radio, video studios, music, and theatre studios. Together with the customer, we go through the wishes or requirements for room acoustics. We perform simulations and measurements and produce data that shows how the room is best designed. A common question we answer is the location and type of sound absorbers needed in a room to meet a specific requirement or a specific function.

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